CultureBanq envisions a shared future where all communities are healthy and thriving. To achieve this future, we believe in the power of centering culture, investing in community-rooted artists, and collaboratively reimagining how financial and non-financial assets are valued, exchanged, and grown.


    Why invest in artists? Artists play essential roles in partnership with communities as:


    Connecting community members as central actors in critical conversations and community-led investment models


    Guiding community members through conversations to address complex historical and contemporary issues


    Illuminating how participation in art and culture produces community well-being


    Producing a positive impact on the social determinants

    of health in their local communities

  • WHAT

    CultureBanq creates and advises communities across the U.S. on culture-centered investment models.


    We offer a toolkit of culture-centered investment models to invest in artists working alongside local communities to produce health & well-being.


    We offer advisory services to recommend the investment model that best suits a community's local goals, needs, and wants.


    We offer education on investment models so that communities can successfully implement, fundraise, and deploy capital.

  • Penelope Douglas,

    Founder & CEO

    Penelope has spent her career at the intersections of social investment, community investment, art and culture, and the health of communities. For the past several years, she has worked with others in cooperative, collaborative, distributed leadership, and solidarity models.She works with social change movement builders and organizations across sectors including health, arts and culture, and regenerative capital. Recent and current engagements include roles as Impact Advisor to One Nation One Project, Strategic Advisor to The Lewis Prize for Music, Organization and Strategic advisor to The Guild of Future Architects. From 2020-2022 she was the Chief of Strategy for Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Among many initiatives she guided were the Artist-Led Giving Circle and the Guaranteed Income Pilot for Artists.

  • Megan McFadden


    Megan’s 18+ year career has focused on economic systems change, where she’s worked with internationally and nationally pioneering teams to advance the field of impact investing. This includes but is not limited to SOCAP, Impact Hub, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Institute for the Future, The Enterprise Center, and more on initiatives ranging from the largest impact investing conference in the world to an equity growth fund for Black and Brown businesses. She was most recently the Director of Strategy for ImpactPHL, a regional impact investing field builder, where she co-authored the paper, Moving Minds & Money to Transform Arts & Culture Investment.


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